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I’m thankful every day.

I am thankful each and every day to be honest. I always think about how grateful i am and how you really need to appreciate things in life even if its the small stuff. To me, every day is Thanksgiving except today is just a day that really makes you think about it even more and express your thankfulness to everyone. Being that i am thankful, i figured i might as well share what i am thankful for:

  • To be alive. (To me this is most important. Even when everything seems to be going wrong you can always be thankful for being given the opportunity to live)
  • My family (Even though we may not be a family as a whole any more, they are each my family members and i will love them till the day i die no matter what differences we have.)
  • My dad (My dad is the most important person to me. He is my hero and i want the world to know that.)
  • My Team (With every win and every loss we stand together.)
  • Jenny(My hysterical best friend since i was born & i feel as if she is a god given friend. I dont think its possible to have a friendship like ours and i thank God for that.)
  • Softball (This sport made me who i am today.)
  • A home ( just a place to live and know i can always return to no matter the situation is beyond comforting)
  • Health (I pray every day for those who are ill & fighting a sickness in hope for a miracle)
  • My boyfriend (for loving me & accepting me for who i am.)
  • My mom (i will love you no matter the circumstance<3)
  • My sister (i know we can depend on each other no matter how far you are from me)
  • To live in America (for freedom & equality no matter your sex or race)

Once again, to be alive.

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!<3